Dinosaur Books For Kids!

by Irish Dawn Andrade on October 12, 2020

This month, Dinosaur Kids joins National Book Month and this week we are counting our 10 favorite Dinosaur books of all time!

Book No. 8

We are the Dinosaurs

Fans of Laurie Berkner's music will equally enjoy her classic song in print form. We Are the Dinosaurs is full of stomping dinosaurs. Get ready for the kids to stomp around the room as you read and sing.


Book No. 7


Dinoblock by Christopher Franceschelli compares dinosaurs to things kids see in their everyday world, such as other animals and buildings. The book is a fun introduction to dinosaurs, including a pronunciation guide for parents.

Do you still remember yesterday's 2 books?

Which one is your favorite so far?

If you have anymore books you want included, post them on the comment section and we will enjoy them together!

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