Dinosaur Kids Joins National Book Month!

by Irish Dawn Andrade on October 12, 2020
There are endless books about dinosaurs that have helped us learn about our giant friends along the way. This week we'll feature 10 books that are all-time classics and books we have loved reading over the years and ones that kids continue to read and enjoy today.
So sit back and relax, or maybe you can order online these classics to read with your family.
Book No. 10
Hello, World! Dinosaurs by Jill McDonald introduces little ones to the nonfiction genre as well as those fascinating dinosaurs. Your kids will also pick up new vocabulary and build their comparison skills.
Book No. 9
Shake, shake, shudder…near the sludgy old swamp. The dinosaurs are coming. Get ready to romp!

On the heels of the bestselling GIRAFFES CAN'T DANCE board book, DINOSAURUMPUS! is now available in board book!

Where can you find a Deinosuchus that practically pirouettes on its tail and a T. rex that bounds gracefully through the air? In DINOSAURUMPUS!, where dinosaurs run, boom, shake, and shudder their way to the "sludgy old swamp" and rock the night away.

Tony Mitton's delightful rhyme and Guy Parker-Rees's whimsical illustrations will make children want to join in the dance while they learn about some of their favorite prehistoric pals. By the time the romp is over, and the dinosaurs are fast asleep, kids won't be able to shake that jumping, thumping Dinosaurumpus beat!

Have you read these two yet?
If not, now is the time to get started on a Dinosaur Book Collection in your mini library at home!
Come back tomorrow as we reveal books number 8 and 7!
Don't forget! Learning is fun. 
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