Welcome to all the Dinosaur Kids!

by Dinosaur Kids on August 14, 2020

Hello and welcome to Dinosaur Kids Online Store!

Dinosaur Kids is an organization that is committed to furthering the education of children through the creative use of fun and unique dinosaur characters. The proceeds from our sales are then used to help bring joy and happiness to children and families around the world who are dealing with incurable diseases.

We believe that all kids deserve to live a life full of joy and love, despite the challenges they might face. Our goal is to create tools and resources for families to have fun together and celebrate each day with our fun and friendly characters.

There is much more to these dinos than just their cute appearance. Each of our characters has a special virtue and lesson that they like to promote. For example, Tarek the Tyrannosaurus Rex teaches kids to be Thrifty! These values and virtues are a simple but effective way to engage kids' imagination, teach them a new word, and also inspire them to live that value just like their dinosaur friends.

We have big plans in the future to further develop each of these characters by creating their own unique stories. This could lead us to create children's books, nursery rhymes, songs, and even animated videos! 

We are excited about the future of Dinosaur Kids and so thankful that you found us today. Please subscribe to our email list and follow us on social media to stay up to date with our latest activities!